New Bigbag

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  • Manufacture and sale of large-volume bigbags
  • A wide range of uses in industrial packaging, transport and storage
  • Reusable
  • Printable with signs and logos
  • Multiple types of polypropylene fabric suitable for dusty and non-dusty materials
  • Capacity 1000 kg or more depending on type
  • A range of versions and finishes according to customer needs
  • Preferable prices for excellent cost savings
  • Reliability and quality in delivery

BIGBAG Versions

  • Open top – flat bottom

  • Flap on top – flat bottom

  • Feeding hopper – flat bottom

  • Open top – discharge hopper

  • Flap on top – discharge hopper

  • Feeding hopper – discharge hopper


Are you in need of transport?

Subject to arrangement, we provide a reliable and safe transport of bigbags of your choice to your preferred destination.

Are you in need of new BIGBAGs?